3 Interior Decorating Tips That Will Enhance Virtually Any Living Space

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3 Interior Decorating Tips That Will Enhance Virtually Any Living Space

25 February 2016
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You don't have to be a professional interior designer to be able to make your home look like a masterpiece nor do you have to have thousands of dollars at your disposal. Instead, all you need are a few tricks up your sleeves, including these three:

1. Take a Page Out of the Gallery and Museum Art Hanging Handbook.

One of the best ways to spruce up a living space is to hang some beautiful pieces of art up on the wall. However, this artwork shouldn't just be placed anywhere you want. Many homeowners hang artwork too high, while some may even hang it too low. So, to make sure that you hang yours at the appropriate height level, consider doing it the way art galleries and museums do it – at eye level. The average eye level is 58 inches. You will want to make sure that the center of the artwork is placed at this mark.

2. Allow Your Furniture to Breathe.

The worst thing you can do to any space is to overcrowd it. This is particularly true in small rooms. When you avoid overcrowding and allow gracious room between pieces of furniture, you are making it much easy to maneuver throughout the room. If you're buying new furniture, opt to buy fewer pieces of higher-quality rather than several lower-quality pieces. If your space allows, one idea might be to purchase a couple of high-backed chairs to go along with a couch or loveseat of the same color. You can then throw in a coffee table, a small table between the two chairs and a large potted plant in the corner.

3. Create a Focal Point.

Every movie needs a star, as does your living space. Find the thing that will be your star, such as a fireplace in the living room, a dramatic vent-a-hood in the kitchen, a sophisticated headboard in the bedroom, or a riveting piece of art on the wall, and make it the anchoring focal point for your room. All other items will be designed to support that focal point. Don't forget when deciding on your focal point for a particular room in the house that you need to think about sight lines. Most focal points should be directly across from where you enter a room, like this painting in the dining room.

When you feel that you just can't get the hang of interior decorating or want a professional's opinion, contact an expert interior design firm in your local area for some guidance.