3 Useful Tips On Keeping Your Kitchen As Functional As It Is Beautiful When Planning A Remodel

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3 Useful Tips On Keeping Your Kitchen As Functional As It Is Beautiful When Planning A Remodel

7 March 2016
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When planning a kitchen remodel, it can be easy to spend time fantasizing about its beauty without giving much though to functionality. If you're planning your dream kitchen and want it to be as functional as it is beautiful, consider the three tips below on increasing your kitchen's functionality.

Add As Much Storage Space As Possible

Storage is a common issue in the kitchen, so if you have the chance to remodel, it's important to keep this issue in mind.

There are so many options when it comes to creating extra storage space without making your kitchen look cluttered or messy. If you're short on square footage, for example, why not consider vertical wall storage? This storage technique uses hooks, rods, and shelves to keep your counters clutter-free and your kitchen necessities easy to access. Connect hooks to your wall to hang coffee mugs and pans and add shelves to use as storage for spices and other commonly used ingredients.

Use Geometry to Make Dinner Prep a Breeze

Your sink, fridge, and stove are the three most necessary parts of your kitchen, so why not ensure that their placement is the most beneficial to you? When planning your dream kitchen, consider planning a triangle placement of these three items.

The functionality of your kitchen essentially rests on the three parts of your kitchen that are most commonly used: the sink, the fridge, and the stove. With placement of these parts an equal distance from each other, your meal preparation and cooking becomes much more efficient. When planning, ensure that there will be no obstacles in the path between all three items, such as counters or kitchen stools.

Light Up Your Work Stations

Overhead light isn't enough in the kitchen, so it's important to consider work station light sources when planning your kitchen remodel.

Under-cabinet lighting is an essential piece of any functional kitchen as it allows you to use your counters to the fullest extent. Another option includes increasing natural light sources in your kitchen, either with the addition of windows and skylights, or by using reflective surfaces as back splashes. Glass surfaces can also be used to lighten the mood, so consider cabinets with glass windows and glass countertops. Contact a company like Plastic Line Mfg Inc for more information about this.

The above three tips are just the beginning when it comes to increasing your future kitchen's functionality. To learn more about creating a kitchen space you'll love, consult with a professional designer.