Follow These Tips For Buying Curtains

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Follow These Tips For Buying Curtains

17 March 2016
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If you are currently choosing new window treatments, you might be considering curtains. With so many sizes, colors, and styles, you may need some assistance purchasing them. Here are some tips for buying curtains for your home.

Take Measurements Beforehand

A common mistake made by people buying curtains is assuming they know what size they need. They simply pick up the "Standard" size of curtains and call it a day. Unfortunately, while they might fit your windows, there are many cases where they are not wide enough, are too long, or are not long enough. You want the curtains to reach almost to the floor if they are covering sliding glass doors, so you need to know exactly what the measurement is from where it will hang to where the ground is. With smaller windows, you need measurements not only for the height you need, but for the width as well. Knowing measurements also lets you know how many panels you will need.

Consider the Privacy You Want

The room they will be placed in can also help you determine what material of curtains you want. Consider how much privacy you want in that room. If they are being placed in a bedroom with no blinds behind the curtains, you probably don't want sheers. People tend to want more privacy in the bedroom, and if you don't have blinds you can close when changing or going to sleep, others can see through sheer curtains. You may also want thicker, blackout curtains for better sleep in the bedroom. On the other hand, a living room might call for flowy, light fabrics, as well as different styles than what a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen would need.

Check the Label for Washing Instructions

This is something people often forget to consider when buying new curtains. Unless you don't mind bringing your curtains to the drycleaners on a regular basis to keep them clean, avoid buying dryclean-only materials for your new window treatments. Try to find curtains that are labeled as machine-washable, and pay close attention to the recommended washing cycle for them.

Price Hardware Before Purchasing Curtains

In many cases, the hardware used to hang the curtains is more expensive than the curtains themselves. Keep this in mind when choosing the style of curtains. For example, grommet curtains are sewn to be easy to hang them from any type of curtain rod. You can choose even inexpensive rods to hang these types of curtains. However, other curtains needs to be hung with café rods and other unique styles, which tend to be more expensive and complicated to hang.

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