Are You A Real Estate Agent Listing A Valuable But Outdated House? What To Know

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Are You A Real Estate Agent Listing A Valuable But Outdated House? What To Know

7 November 2016
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If you have a high end home that you're listing and the house could be worth thousands more if it was updated and more modern, there are some professionals you want to consult before giving the seller your suggested list price. If you can get them to make the home more efficient, and if you can update the scheme and appeal of the property, they can get so much more out of it. Here are a few different things you want to consider doing, and professionals you want to meet with.

Energy Audit Professional and Contractor

Have an energy audit performed on the property. If the house is very large and it was built more than a decade in the past, the potential buyers may be worried that the property will have high heating and cooling bills and that it will be a lot of additional money. Instead, have the auditor tell you where the house is least efficient, and then make a list of suggested upgrades to the homeowner. If the audit is great, then you can show this paperwork to the buyers that come through the house.

Interior Design Expert

Staging the house and making some color changes can make a big impact on how fast you are able to sell the property, and how buyers feel about it when they look at pictures online or in person. Have an interior designer come into the property and make a list of changes they can easily do to make the house more presentable, and ask about their fee to stage the property. With paint and fixture changes, along with a great décor theme, they may be able boost the sale of the property a great deal, which is well worth the investment of interior design services.

There are so many ways that you can make the house more appealing to buyers that could potentially want a more updated and modern house, but these two changes are going to make a huge impact. Talk with the energy professionals and a renovations contractor that specializes in energy efficient issues, and also make sure you have a design consult completed. Take a list of the potential expenses and present them to the seller, to show them how much they could invest to change the property, but also how much more they could end up getting when the changes are completed and they sell the house.