3 Tips For Mixing Drapery Tops

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3 Tips For Mixing Drapery Tops

27 February 2017
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Draperies can be an expensive investment, so it is likely that you want to get the most out of them. One way to do this is to reuse your neutral sheers and order new light-blocking panels to match your interior decor and freshen up your room. However, you may run into a problem if your old sheers have a different top style than your new panels. For instance, tab-top sheers have been popular over the past decade, but they are going out of style as pierced tops and sag tops are coming into style. It can take some effort, but you can make your tab-top sheers work with the top style of your new drapes. 

Turn Your Tab-Tops Into Back Tabs

By folding your tab-tops back and sewing them to the main piece of the curtain, you can quickly and easily turn your tab-tops into back tabs. This will give your sheers a flat, finished look up top, which will make the compatible with almost any other drapery top. By skipping some of the tabs when threading your curtain rod, you can create a swooping, sagging style if you have sag top front panels. 

Use a Lower Second Rod 

If you have pierced front panels with large grommets and you want to make sure that the tab tops are not visible through the grommets, you should consider dropping the sheer bar lower than the front panel bar. This can be done easily by switching out your curtain bracket with a bracket that raises the front rod or lowers the back rod. If you do this, you may have to hem the bottom of your sheers to accommodate the extra length. However, if you are switching to pooling draperies, this can be a good way to add a few centimeters of length to your current sheers. 

Install a Valance 

A valance box or fabric valance that goes in front of your curtains will hide the tops of your curtains. With a liberal valance, you can mix and match the tops of your curtains without worrying about how they will look. In general, you should match your new valance to your front panels. However, some people enjoy the layered look of matching a valance to your current sheers. 

Re-using your sheers is a great way to cut expenses when sprucing up your home with new curtains. However, you may have to be creative if your sheers have a different top style than your new curtains. For more ideas, check out retailers like Shady Lady.