Landscape Lighting Techniques To Utilize In Your Yard

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Landscape Lighting Techniques To Utilize In Your Yard

29 June 2018
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Many homeowners spend a lot of time maintaining their yards. If you don't want your well-manicured landscape to disappear when the sun sets, then installing some landscape lighting on your property can be a viable solution.

There are many lighting techniques that can be used to illuminate a landscape. Developing an understanding of these techniques will help you implement them in your own landscape to give your home a dramatic and inviting facade.


Highlighting is one of the most common lighting techniques used in landscape design. In order to highlight a certain element in your yard, you will need spotlights that shine beams of light upward.

Place the spotlights at the base of the tree, fountain, or wall that you want to highlight. You may need several spotlights to achieve your desired effect. Try varying the angle of each beam and even crossing beams to lend drama and interest to your landscape at night.


Another useful landscape lighting technique you might want to consider implementing in your yard is wall-washing. By pointing a light toward the wall surrounding your property, you can create a smooth and even ambient light that is perfect for a relaxing outdoor living area.

To achieve the right effect, you want to use a wide angle floodlight. Be sure the bulb has a low wattage so that the light wash created by the floodlight isn't too bright. Angle your light so that it shines slightly alongside your wall rather than directly at it. This will help the lighting appear more even.


Homeowners who have cultivated wooded or heavily-treed areas within their yard might want a more natural type of lighting to accent these natural areas. If this applies to your yard, moonlighting can be a beneficial technique to employ.

When creating a moonlighting effect, large fixtures are placed high on the trunk of mature trees. The fixtures need to have a full glare guard to ensure the light beam is pointed downward at all times. As the light filters through the branches of the tree, the area appears to be bathed in moonlight.

You want to use a durable light fixture with a sturdy housing when implementing a moonlighting effect in your landscape so that you don't have to climb your trees on a regular basis to complete repairs. LED bulbs should be utilized in moonlighting fixtures, since these bulbs have a longer lifespan than traditional incandescent bulbs.

For more information, contact your local landscape lighting design services to find the best way to light your yard.