Use Interior Design To Get More Storage Out Of Your Home

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Use Interior Design To Get More Storage Out Of Your Home

15 September 2020
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As you spend more time in your home, you may notice that you are becoming quite limited on storage space. However, this does not mean that you have to start looking elsewhere to get more storage because your existing storage spaces could benefit from various improvements. This is when you should hire an interior designer to help you get more storage capacity from your home. 

Storage Solutions

When you speak with a professional, they will likely want to come over for an initial consultation, during which they will look at your entire house and discuss your primary goals. During this time, they may find all sorts of opportunities for adding and improving storage solutions in several areas.

An excellent example is being able to work on all the closets throughout the house to maximize how much storage you get from each one. This may involve a combination of adding cabinets, drawers, shelves, and closet rods to maximize storage space without creating cluttered areas.


Using furniture with a single function is something that you may be used to doing throughout the house. However, you will find that an interior designer can get quite creative to help you replace furniture pieces and help you create more storage space in strategic ways. A great option is investing in a bed frame with built-in drawers on the bottom that you can start using right away.

Adding a bed frame with empty space underneath can also work because an interior designer can purchase bins or drawers that fit well and can be pulled out to store belongings inside.

Some furniture pieces that you can replace in the living room include a coffee table and ottoman because you may be able to get more storage space. An interior designer can buy a storage ottoman that fits the room's theme and has storage inside that you access from opening the top.


While you may have several display pieces throughout the house that provide storage for decorations and other belongings, you may want to get more out of these pieces. Finding floor-to-ceiling display cases with adjustable shelving may not be an easy thing to do, but you can rely on an interior designer finding displays that fit into your home and provide additional storage.

When you want to get more storage out of your home without investing in room additions, you should work with an interior designer who can accomplish this goal in several ways. Contact a residential interior design company to learn more.