Benefits Of Using A Loft Ladder

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Benefits Of Using A Loft Ladder

5 August 2021
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For many people, getting up into the attic or loft above the top floor of their home involves retrieving a stepladder, setting it below the opening to the attic or loft, and then ascending. If you've been going through this routine and you're looking for a better way, consider finding a company that will design and install a loft ladder for you. Loft ladders have all sorts of different styles, including some that slide out and others that fold out, and are available in a variety of materials. If you're interested in adding a loft ladder to your home, here are some benefits that you'll experience.

Less Hassle

Using a loft ladder to get to and from your attic or loft will result in considerably less hassle for you than using a stepladder. Unless you store your stepladder in the immediate vicinity, any trip to your attic or loft would begin with retrieving the ladder from elsewhere in your home. This may take a couple of minutes, and you'll also need to return the stepladder to where you keep it when you're done with it. This is a process that can be a nuisance. With a loft ladder, you simply pull the ladder down to use it and push it back up when you're done.


There's little question that using a loft ladder to get in and out of your attic or loft is safer than using a stepladder. Stepladders can be hazardous to use in a number of ways. If you don't keep your body weight positioned in the center of the ladder, there's a risk of it tipping. Depending on the traction under the ladder, there's also a chance that the ladder could slide out while you're on it. Falling off a stepladder can result in serious injuries. A loft ladder is much safer to use because it's fastened to the ceiling, so there's no risk of it falling over or sliding out from under you.

Tidy Look

If you need access to your attic or loft consistently enough that you want to keep your stepladder easily accessible, this can result in an untidy look. For example, you might have the stepladder leaning against the wall at the end of your hall. For someone who takes pride in maintaining a tidy home, this can be a concerning situation. Another benefit of installing a loft ladder is that it offers a tidy look. When the entrance to the attic or loft is closed, the ladder will be hidden out of sight.