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Creating a comfortable place to kick off your shoes and relax can be more stressful than most jobs, but it can be a whole lot of fun if you do it right. One way to make finishing your house a lot easier is to learn about some of your options. Start with the colors that you like and learn the effect that those colors can have on your home. Will those colors make the space seem smaller than it is or will they be so vibrant that they make it hard to unwind? You can find a lot of advice for creating a comfortable home right here on our blog.


Landscape Lighting Techniques To Utilize In Your Yard

29 June 2018
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Many homeowners spend a lot of time maintaining their yards. If you don't want your well-manicured landscape to disappear when the sun sets, then installing some landscape lighting on your property can be a viable solution. There are many lighting techniques that can be used to illuminate a landscape. Developing an understanding of these techniques will help you implement them in your own landscape to give your home a dramatic and inviting facade. Read More …

When In Rome: 3 Classical Architectural Elements To Include In Your Home Decor

26 January 2018
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Design styles come and go with the times, but classical architecture elements have endured over the many centuries since Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome were the cultural centers of the world. If your home is already built, however, you might feel like you've lost your chance to incorporate classical architecture into your decor — so you'll be glad to learn that that's simply not true at all, and that you have countless opportunities to create a home any classical designer would be proud of. Read More …